Cork Media’s greatest strength is its ability to ‘cut its cloth’ to suit the needs of their clients.

Who We Are


Cork Media

Cork Media Pty Ltd is a no nonsense, innovative media organization.


Working closely with our varied client base, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen and “cut our cloth” to suit any communications need.


Whether it a full blown, multi-faceted national campaign, or simply a stand-alone communications project, we have the resources, knowledge and ingenuity to deliver.


We believe that all too often clients are sold “smoke and mirrors” industry jargon, making what should be a simple task of communicating to their audience a much harder task than it need be. Call us old fashioned, but listening and applying some common sense to marketing solutions to our client problems has proven very successful.


In its short history, Cork Media has flourished, with a diverse range of clients eager to engage with Cork’s expertise and honest business ethics.



Today, the term “media” is such a broad church and at Cork we strive to offer client services that are tailored to meet the brief.


Media and the “mediums of communication” are evolving rapidly and at Cork you can expect we are prepared to meet your marketing and communications challenges – and if we aren’t the right people for your job – we will tell you! And then gladly help you find a solution through one of our industry contacts.


But we think you may be surprised at just what we are capable of!

We are very excited about our growing client base and are excited about the fantastic projects each client has entrusted to us.


At Cork we strive to deliver powerful and innovative campaigns to exceed client expectations.


Here are a few of our most recent success stories…..

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