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Founded in 2007, Red Hot Rhythm has become one of Australia’s most highly regarded dance companies, providing fresh, fun and highly entertaining performances to audiences throughout the country since its beginning.


Red Hot Rhythm aim to constantly push the boundaries of dance entertainment in Australia through experimentation with the art form in new and unique ways, and in particular, the fusion of two of the most entertaining styles of dance on offer – TAP and IRISH.


Cork Media have been commissioned to co-Produce their latest production – Rhythm Junkies.


We are responsible for;



Cork Media is delighted to be appointed in this role for this production.


Rhythm Junkies – April 24-29, 2012


The title ‘Rhythm Junkies’ refers to the addiction the performers feel towards their art forms. While they acknowledge that the “monetary”  situation in their lives would most likely improve if they were to leave their art behind – with their overriding passion…..this is impossible.


As performers, one of the most fascinating aspects of the entire creative process is the amazingly small percentage of time spent on stage “doing the show”.  The bulk of a performer’s time is spent behind the scenes – organizing, rehearsing, creating, interacting – so much that the audience is unaware of.   This show aims to not only show the performance as the audience would see it, but also, through a clever use of lights and sound, the hilarity and heartache that goes on behind the scenes.


The Story – “Everyone Else Has Found a Real Job”


The storyline follows a group of 10 performers, all living separate lives, all working different jobs, but equally passionate towards their own art forms, which, due to the demands of surviving in a money oriented world, they have precious little time to dedicate to their art. Each performer has never met, until one night they are all coincidentally booked to appear in a one-off show. Each performer takes the stage in their varying styles, and upon viewing each act, a strong mutual respect develops, and they all quickly become friends.


They experiment with fusing their art-forms both on stage and off, and can’t help but relish the spontaneous rhythmic magic that ensues. All of them enjoy the experience thoroughly, having one of the best nights of their life as they go through the motions of getting to know one another, observing each other’s skills, trading off each other, and continually trying to better the previous performer.


The great time they have is ultimately drawn to halt when the show ends, and each performer is faced with the reality of returning to the ‘real job’ in order to make ends meet.


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