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Event Management

All too often events are created to fulfil the desires of the “client”, but at Cork Media we recognise that it’s the guest’s needs that must be targeted for ultimate success.


In this case the event becomes the “message” instead of the “medium” and the guest only remembers that the event was good or bad, the food was hot or cold – not the message the client wished to emphasise.


We don’t drag out the old tired “formula” because it “really worked for the last mob”! We create bespoke events tailored to the brief. We love using unique locations – anywhere that is a little special. A great location is the foundation to successful event.


Whether your event is a corporate meeting, a celebration or anything in between, Cork Media have the expertise to deliver an event that will be long remembered – for all the right reasons.


Our event repertoire includes


Because we are a media company, we appreciate that the event you host will be best supported when encompassed by an innovative marketing strategy….not just a once off “flash in the pan”.