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Television Production

Television advertising is still viewed by the general public as being highly exclusive and prestigious.  Nothing says “we are great” more than a well-produced, creative television commercial.


At Cork, we are specialists in TVC production for;



Unless of course you have a Coca Cola budget for flat out branding(or if this is you Coca Cola reading this!) then we would always suggest a “call to action” TVC campaign, as it is both branding and action rolled into one!


Available to our not for profit clients are Community Service Announcements, that are in essence television commercials, but are unique in so much as they receive airtime for free from Australian broadcast networks.


CSA’s are our bread and butter! They are an unrivalled medium for visibility and creating goodwill and credibility.


Cork Media has a long standing experience in both producing and lobbying for airtime on national stations in Australia on Free to Air & Pay TV with client campaigns.


It is the on-going relationship management with the key decision makers at each network that ensures our clients receive great air play. Our relationships are very strong in this arena.


Combined with a strategic media planning and buying schedule we can target our client’s audience even more precisely.